I love, you hate..

Today, even though was a holiday for Labour day, I had to wake up early as the electrician was supposed to check my ceiling fan. The last few days have been getting hotter and hotter, but were manageable under the comfort of the office air conditioning. But my fan at home broke down at the worst possible time; the last couple of nights would have been hell if not for Ananth's table fan! The electrician said that the problem was with the motor, and that he had to take it for a day for fixing it. I was a little sleepy when he left as I had slept quite late, but I chose not to go back to bed. Later however, after a really heavy lunch, my mattress turned into a powerful magnet and pulled me with all the iron in my body. I've no idea when I slept off. But I woke up around an hour later feeling I was being baked in an oven. I was forced to get up and throw some water on my face and wash the sweat off.

Half an hour later the curtains in the room started flying like superman's cape and within 5 minutes it was raining heavy outside! I went straight to the balcony; I could find people in most of the other balconies too.

The FB page was also pouring with posts about the first rain
From the balcony I was watching the kids play in the rain, people walking happily. When the rain got lighter, I couldn't help but get out and take a stroll myself. I walked to a restaurant nearby, and had a nice hot filter coffee there.

Kids in the society playing in the rain
Just as I was thinking that everyone must be just loving this rain because of the scorching heat that it washed away, I noticed a pizza delivery guy from Dominos. He was carrying a bag, but wasn't rushing for cover. He was walking slowly and dejected. I was pretty sure then that he wasn't able to protect the pizza from the rain, and he also wasn't going to deliver it within their 30 minute delivery deadline. He must have definitely been upset with the rain gods.

Also the roads are most slippery after the first rain; and therefore risky especially for the bikers. I have fallen prey to that myself! First rains come when people are least expecting them. So almost none of the guys on two wheelers would be carrying any raincoats. then Inorder to avoid getting drenched, they now hurry to their respective destinations; which along with the slippery roads, increases the chances of accidents. I hope nobody got injured today.

I wonder if there is something that makes everyone happy! Does anything come to your mind?

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